The Filipino Association of Newfoundland & Labrador Inc., also known as FILAN, aims to achieve its goals by engaging in ACTIVITIES that align with its mission, both directly and indirectly.


to promote community spirit among Filipinos and Canadians living in Newfoundland and Labrador



to stay united and achieve goals common both to members of the association and the community



to welcome and assist newly-arrived Filipinos to adjust to life in Newfoundland and Labrador



to preserve, promote and perpetuate the heritage, culture and values of both the Philippines and Canada through member participation in social, cultural, charitable and educational activities



to raise funds for the administration and operation of the Association and for such charitable purposes as are designated by the Association membership from time to time




Throughout its esteemed history, FILAN has been led by a succession of visionary past presidents, each leaving an indelible mark on our mission and legacy.


1967-1969 Dr. Florencio “Ray” Firme  
1969-1970 Dr. Exequiel Magat  
1970-1971 Dr. Pete Isada  
1971-1972 Dr. Arturo Cruz  
1972-1973 Dr. Roger Lacuesta
1973-1974 Ms. Gloria Terrenal-Angulo  
1974-1975 Ms. Esperanza Aquino  
1975-1976 Dr. Romulo Magsino  
1976-1977 Mr. Maurice Pasqua  
1977-1978 Mr. Herminio Solidon  
1978-1979 Ms. Zeny Lopez-Lang  
1979-1980 Mr. Dante de Leon
1980-1981 Mrs. Tessie Kennedy  
1981-1982 Ms. Jean Marquez  
1982-1983 Ms. Zeny Lopez-Lang  
1983-1984 Dr. Mely Cruz  
1984-1985 Mr. Crisanto “Jun” Aguilar  
1985-1986 Ms. Cora Ochoa  
1986-1987 Mrs. Annie Pascua  
1987-1988 Ms. Sophie Corrales  
1988-1989 Mr. Wilfred Riego  
1989-1990 Dr. Florencio “Ray” Firme  
1990-1991 Mrs. Pilar Riego  
1991-1992 Dr. Narciso “Jun” Baldonado
1992-1994 Mrs. Rose Bourgeois  
1994-1995 Dr. Dennis Sunio  
1995-1997 Dr. Henry Borja  
1997-1999 Dr. Eric Elli  
1999-2000 Mrs. Tessie Kennedy  
2000-2007 Dr. Eric Elli  
2007-2009 Ms. Elisa Mercer  
2009-2010 Ms. Sol Modesto-Vardy  
2010-2011 Richard Salas/Thess Isorena
2011-2012 Mr. Romel Maligaya  
2012-2013 Ms. Mary Joy Frogoso  
2013-2016 Dr. Eric Elli  
2016-present Dr. Henry Borja  
Meet our diverse and committed directors who are actively organizing community events and initiatives tailored to enrich the lives of Filipinos residing in NL through our organization.


Dr. enrique borja, md


Henry and wife, Angie, has been active members of FILAN since 1988. They have made Newfoundland and Labrador their adopted home where they raised their three children and where he worked as a Pediatrician in Clarenville, NL for 25 years.



arnaldo “don” alivio


Don, a FILAN member since 1978 and former President, holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. He worked at Davao Light & Power and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro before joining the federal government. Now retired, he resides in Canada and the Philippines with his wife, Ruth.



michael mercado, rmt


Michael, a FILAN Director since 2016, originally from Tondo, Manila, relocated to St. John’s, NL in 2012, where he worked at Tim Hortons. He holds degrees in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Perpetual Help and Massage Therapy from Eastern Academy. He owns Masahe Massage Therapy Clinic.



Romel Maligaya, CPA, CMA 


Romel, a FILAN member since 2011, served as President and is now a Director. He holds a BSBA in Accounting, graduating cum laude, obtained his CPA license in 1993, and both CPA and CMA designations in NL in 2015. With extensive experience, including tenure at Transocean, he now serves as Controller for Pennecon’s Industrial Division.